I’m Brad Martin, and I’m located in Liberty, Alabama.  I’ve been carving professionally for nearly 10 years.  I’m very excited about the new libertychainsawcarvings.com website.  I’ve sold for several years on eBay, and while I’m grateful for the world-wide exposure eBay has given me, I’ve always wanted to have more control over the way my products are presented.  As someone who was dragged into the computer-age kicking and screaming, I’ve often wished that more websites were simple to use!  When I go to most carver’s sites, I find that you have to buy a pig-in-a-poke!  You’ve got to buy an item that hasn’t been carved yet!  I don’t know about you, but when I buy something online, I want to see the EXACT product I’m buying, and I want it yesterday!  Furthermore, you have to “contact” the seller to find out what the shipping will be.  I don’t want to “contact” ANYBODY.  I just want to buy the freaking bear!  Not here!  No, when you come here you get exactly what you see.  Total cost, shipping and all, and with a click of the mouse and a few key strokes, your item will be at your door in 1-5 business days, anywhere in the United States!  I won’t rule out custom work on occasion, but I do my best work when I have no pressure to fill any specifications.  When I have to carve a particular subject in a specific size, it takes me longer, and thus it cost’s more.  Thank you for your interest!  Be sure to come back regularly to see my newest additions.  Also, keep a check on my eBay store (I operate there as libertychainsawcarvings ) because I’m going to keep it going as well.  If you see something there you like, I’ll be glad to move it to this site, and save you 10% of the eBay price.  Thank you for your interest, and hurry back!

-Brad Martin